As part of the Latino Legacy Project, Belas Artes brings to St. Louis the Brazilian artist Cecilia Andre with the art exhibit Sarava.

This exhibit shows different series of large scale paintings that reveals the artist sensitivity and psychological creativitivity. A trip to Portugal was significant for the series "Tiles" or "Azulejos" in Portuguese. 

Talking about "Azulejos" Cecilia says " Ideas put into words with some images: It is a theme that seeped into my brain and still has not left me. At the "Museu do Azulejo" in Lisbon, I found it beautiful that the Moors used the tiles indoors to lure the light indoors. But what really was unexpected was that they wanted to recreate the night sky and its stars. What we see as flower motifs in their tiles, if perceived through its negative space, millions of stars will appear.

These Portuguese titles also made a big impression on me because they were used by artists as very free forms of expression; as a language in itself. The subway stations had unique and original tiles made by artists instead of artworks translated into tiles. It is a whole new way of thinking."