Expanding Horizons and Enlarging Perspectives

Leadership Development 

Art Exhibits & Multicultural Projects

In a period of accelerated globalization, we celebrate humanity in its variety of shapes, colors, and beliefs which bring so much richness to life.

We promote cultural diversity for a better understanding and appreciation of self and others and encourage self-responsibility and participation in the workplace and in the local community.

Ciléia Miranda-Yuen - Leadership and Diversity

With unique style, leadership, and multicultural expertise, Ciléia has been recognized in the local and national levels as a natural leader, a workplace innovator, and a community liaison. An engaging and charismatic presenter, Ciléia has vision, drive, and a passion to optimize relationships inspiring people to become better global citizens.

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She helps organizations to capitalize on the value and great opportunities of the Hispanic market and to leverage the cultural values and strenghts of Latinos,  enabling them to lead and innovate with authenticity.

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Belas Artes - Art Gallery and Multiculturalism

We think that through interaction, dialog, and beauty that we can foster understanding and participation of all people. We use art in its many media to convey the magnificent stories of our human threads. Through partnerships we encourage children, youth and adults to expand their horizons and enlarge the perspectives of their world into a global and inclusive perception of our cultural diversity. Our programs and art exhibits offer a cross-cultural immersion, which acts as a conduit for the participants to become better citizens of the world.

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