Presentations and speaking engagement

With keen professionalism, visionary spirit, and charisma, Ciléia's speeches on leadership, diversity, innovation, and today’s changing workplace environment regularly have audiences on their feet applauding — and eager to put her insights to work.

Ciléia engages the audience with passion, knowledge of the subjects, and charisma.

Popular topics addressed by Ciléia are:

1- Latinos in the U.S. - making sense of the census

2- The core of diversity - uncovering unconcious beliefs and bias

3- Leadership is about being authentic - identifying core values

4- The mental filters that color our perceptions - We don't feel things the same way

5- Cultural pluralism

6- Latinicidad - the diversity among Latinos, their uniquenesses and similarities

7- Why what happens to Hispanics may affect you

8- Hispanic market and its segmentation

9- Stages of diversity implementation: Where does my organization stand?

10- Global tribe - cross cultural competency is the name of the new game

11- Doing business with Brazil - Connecting the dots for a successful venture

12- Brazil's cultural traits