Leadership and Diversity

Ciléia has developed leadership and diversity programs anchored on her knowledge of human relations, decisions, emotions, reactions and sensitivities felt in our changing global environment.

Ciléia offers the following Training Programs which can be customized to the needs of the organization. The length of each program can be half day, a full day or two days.

1- Emotional intelligence

2- Personal SWOT Analysis- Leveraging strengths, minimizing weknesses, capitalizing opportunities, being aware of threats

3- Authentic leadership

4- Being a global leader or being a leader in a global economy

5- Personal brand- Having a dream and living it

6-The Latino market and its segmentation

7- Who are Latinos?

8- Dimensions of diversity

9- Cultural pluralism - building cross cultural competency

10-Making an impact and promoting excellence as a minority leader

11- Marketing the Latino Leader personal brand