Este es mi Mexico - This is my Mexico

This exhibit is a collection of children’s art work from the XII edition of the international children’s art competition sponsored by the Mexican Foreign Affairs Department and coordinated through the Mexican Consulate in different countries around the world. There were about 40,000 entries from which the top 80 were selected to be part of this exhibit, which is generously sponsored by the Mexican Consulate of Kansas City

With the help of their parents and teachers children from 7 to 11 years old worked to create pieces of art that express their idyllic Mexico, which has been engraved in their memory from their earlier years, travels and time spent in Mexico, or for those who have never been there, from images they have seen or stories, myths and songs that they have heard.

The use of colors, materials and shapes express a full range of emotions displayed in each and every piece that has been created to show a deeper connection to their life, heritage and culture.